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There is not one program for everyone - you are all UNIQUE.
Every program is designed specifically for YOU
— Sarah Tambling


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Life is all about balance.

Integrating health and fitness into your busy life is easier than you think!

It is my passion to help you do this, and for it to be something to:

be enjoyed,
look forward to
and to learn from.
But most importantly,
to discover how much you can ACHIEVE!

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“We have started recently boxing every Friday and absolutely love it. Each week I get a surprise it maybe a new guest buddy to train with or a brand new work out. No two sessions are the same.”

- Brendan McGill

“I look better and feel more confident, but I also feel a much healthier person in general and have one person to thank, Sarah Tambling!”

- Claudia Williams

“Best of all she truly listens, tailoring workouts to achieve your goals that are individual to your abilities.”

- Claire Doran